are floaties allowed?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

So, I've been thinking....

I may start writing this blog again.  Maybe.  Thinking about it.  Testing the waters here.  Wondering if my 18 followers and 2 lurkers have any interest in hearing about pterodactyls, falling legs, space age contact lenses and, of course, my own personal summer moments (yes, STILL happening).

I KNOW I'm supposed to write for me, for personal satisfaction alone.  I KNOW blogging is supposed to be fun and easy, that I should be happy just writing.... that should be enough.  That I should use this blog as an outlet and who cares if anyone reads what I write.   Um, hello??  I CARE.  I'm not spending the time to write all this stuff if no one is reading it!!  Are you kidding me??

So....are you still out there 18 followers and 2 lurkers?