are floaties allowed?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I'm going to run a half marathon.  What?  I'm serious.  Stop laughing.  I am!

I sort of have to.

It was Monday a few months ago.  I had had a great run on Sunday.  One of those perfect weather, perfect outfit, perfect Stratton days when everything comes together and it's just a great run from start to finish.  And so on Monday, when I saw the email about a team forming from the hospital for the ING Hartford Marathon, inspiration hit.  We should form a team from our own department and not only invite staff to participate but patients and families as well. And we should make it a fundraiser.

"That's a great idea!' my boss said.  "Make it happen."


Sidebar:  I love my boss.  Dr. Hyams is an amazing, awesome, world renowned gastroenterologist.  He is an expert in his field.  He takes excellent care of his patients and does cutting edge research.   He travels the world and gives lectures to other doctors.  He literally wrote the textbook on pediatric gastroenterology.  Dr. Hyams was also my daughter's doctor until two months ago when she finally got too old and had to "graduate" from his practice.   He diagnosed her with Crohn's disease when she was 14.  He said he would do everything in his power to get her healthy and keep her healthy.  And he did.  He took amazing care of her.  And I am forever grateful.

So, the fundraising marathon is happening.

I can do this.  I know I can do this.  I have been here before.  And it was a full marathon, not a half.  Of course, that was before my legs fell and before I had angel wings.  Before my bones started making funny creaking noises. Before it took me two tries to get out of my little red car.  Before I hit that magic birthday number.   But still, it happened.  I did cross that finish line.  So I can do this.  Right?

I can do this because it is for a cause I really, really care about.  Crohn's disease is yucky.  It just is.  Nobody should have to deal with it.  Think back to a time when you had an upset stomach or some kind of bad food reaction and couldn't get out of the bathroom.  Now, multiply that by a thousand and add a bunch of other symptoms like canker sores, achy joints and constant fatigue just to name a few and you have Crohn's disease.

Dr. Hyams and the other doctors I work with are determined to find a cure for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.  The research they are doing is truly amazing.  I honestly believe they will find a cure in my lifetime.  I want a cure for the sake of all the kids I see everyday bravely battling these stupid diseases while trying to live normal kid lives.  They shouldn't have to deal with what they have to deal with.    I want a cure for Christie.

So I am running a half marathon.

And I am coming right out and asking for donations.  If you already have donated, THANK YOU!!  If you haven't donated yet, now's your chance.

Thank you.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I looked super cute as I headed out the door for my run today.  What?  I did.  I can't help it.  Cute white ruffle running skirt, lime green tank top, hot pink sports bra, peach tattoo peeking out, matching lime green headband, pink socks.  See?  So cute.  (Well,  something has to look good when I'm running because it sure the heck isn't me.  Might as well be my running clothes).

Out the door (looking cute), down the street, across to Stratton.  Looking good, feeling good.

The first couple of miles were fine.  Nice, easy, not too many creaking parts.

It was around mile three that the wheels came off.  Perhaps it was my two (or five) days of "rest."  I don't know.  I just didn't have it in me. I started to slow down.  At this point I believe a turtle passed me. I looked around. If I went right I could go up that path, cut through the parking lot and be home in five minutes.  If I stay on course I have to go straight,  run for a while, turn around, then run some more.

Uggggggg. I go straight.  Bleckkkkkkkkkkk.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.   Aaarrrggggg. Why? Why do I do this to myself?  What is wrong with me?  Why do I run again?

I manage to get myself to the end of the path and turn around.  I am overheated, farther from home than I want to be and cursing all those potato chips I ate at lunch.

A runner is approaching, about to pass me going the other way.  All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she shouts out to me: "YOU ROCK!!"  Huh?  I look around.  Nope, nobody else there.  Are you talking to me?  I rock??  Me??  Right now?

And then I thought about it.  She was right.  I do rock!  I was out there. I was trying.  I was gutting it out, going the long way instead of taking a short cut.   So I may not look pretty (except for my still looks amahhhzing!), so my face may be so red it's almost a shade of purple not found in nature, so my running form stinks and I am slower than molasses..... I am here, at Stratton, in my cute little running outfit, putting one foot in front of the other.

I give her a big thumbs up and kick my run into gear.  I finish the path, race up the hill, run out of Stratton and head back home.  Feeling awesome.  And very rock-star-ish.

That fellow runner's two little words changed my whole run.  Complete one eighty. My entire attitude changed.  I went from having a really bad run to having one of my best runs of the summer.  And she probably had no idea the effect her words had on me.

I know I have already given you this assignment, dear 20 followers and two lurkers.   I am giving it to you again.

Words matter.  A lot.  I want you to use your words to build somebody up today.  It can be somebody you love, somebody you like, somebody you don't like or a complete stranger.  Use your words.  For good.

AND....if you are willing, I would love for you to share with the group exactly how you used your words to build someone up.

 Please leave a comment.  (I think there may be a problem when people try to leave comments, however.  I mean, I can't believe it is working properly.  There were zero comments after my last post.  Zero. So it must be broken.  I mean, there can't possibly be any other explanation for having absolutely no comments, right?).  Ok, ok, I'll come right out and say it:  Leave comments!!  Always!!  After every post.

Words matter.  Positivity is contagious.  Start now.